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My recent carvings

Some of my recent carvings

I am no professional carver. I carve more as a form of meditation. I often choose devout human figures with a tinge of renunciation, to provide me the proper meditative focus. I take lot of time for carving each piece, with no time limit set. I intersperse my other hobbies with carving and so some of my carvings have taken over a year to finish. To me, the time spent on the process of carving is more important than the artistic appeal of the carving.

My carvings have some eastern ethnic style though I don’t strictly adhere to any specific style. Incidentally,  I have a book on carving in the ethnic style, namely, “Figure carving – the Ethnic style” which is a result of my own experience with carving and my studying of Shilpa shastra (Manuals of sculpture) that were prevalent in the entire Indian subcontinent - from Afghanistan to Cambodia, from Himalayas to Indonesia – thousands of years ago. Amazingly, this style is still followed in the present day India, especially in the southern parts of the country.  If you are a figure carving enthusiast, you probably should read that book which is available both in e-book as well as paperback formats.  See list of my recent books for details. That is sure to take you to an amazingly new world of carving.

For those of you who would like to have a quick glance at the contents of the book, you can watch a very short video “Wonderful world of figure carving you probably never knew about

Keep coming back to this page to find more and more of my carvings as and when they are made. A short list of my recent carvings are given below (click images  to see details)

Ongoing carving……

This is the biggest 3D carving I have tried so far. I wanted to carve a life size one. But finally settled for this 3 feet tall carving since the weight of the log was too much for me to handle. Even this 3 feet one was 60 Kgs to start with!. When I finally carve out this log I hope it is going to be around 20-30Kgs – something manageable.

This is still in a very early stage. I work at a slow pace and all that I have managed to carve so far is the rough shown in "rough 1"
Rough 1


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