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Sunday, March 15, 2015

How strong is your fundamentals?

Recently one of my readers drew my attention to one review written on amazon about my book “Yoga Facts:  Answers to some important questions about Yoga”. In this review the reviewer had complained that what the book discusses is “very very basic and it is not worth buying it” (I am just summarizing his remarks). I was quite amused by the comment. The book was quite small – just 30 pages, was available for free and had received good reviews (none of these reviews were self sponsored!) on many channels including amazon. It is true that the book does not go into in depth analysis of Yoga given the pages and it being free. But it was originally written in response to several “basic” questions I received about Yoga and many have expressed that the book has helped them.

I was curious to know which better books the reviewer is talking about since the review was titled “better books out there”. On reading the other books reviewed by the same reviewer and the ratings he has given to those books, I kept wondering what the reviewer means by “non basic or advanced facts about Yoga”! Probably, he has not reviewed those books or he is just aware but has not read them. 

Sometimes we equate fuzzy things to advanced knowledge and plain speak to very basic.

Incidentally, I have two more books that deal elaborately on Yoga – “Psychology behind Yoga” and more importantly “How and Why of Yoga and Meditation – Yoga scientifically explained”. This reviewer seems to have not noticed them or he writes reviews only on freely available books! If he wishes to read them, I will be too happy to make them available to him.