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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

One magic bullet for all ills!

I have often wondered whether there is any single most important thing that can bring a massive change in the way we all live in. 
Let us analyze a bit. Do you realize that most of our decisions in life are driven by what others do? We rarely take decisions based on self judgment but depend upon ‘mass perceptions’. While this approach has lot of pluses to its credit, this probably is the single important cause of most perils, in my view.

One of my blog posts received highest views.  I was quite perplexed since the post does not have anything that makes it so popular. On some analysis I found that for whatever reason, once this post happened to get maximum clicks for some time and it reached top of ‘popular posts’. From then on, anyone who visited my blog was curious to know what this ‘popular post’ is all about and they clicked it. More people tried that, the post continued to remain on top and the cycle repeats!

I have seen authors who openly admit that they themselves buy their own books periodically, to keep the book on top of the sales ranking. Higher the sales ranking, more people will be tempted to buy it and the cycle continues! Same is the case with ‘sponsored reviews’.

On a larger perspective, most governments in many democratic countries come up not because the leaders have proven track record, but purely based on the mass opinion they have managed to establish. Especially in countries where political awareness is low, people vote a party not because they have full information about the leaders in that party but because everyone else does it!

So, what is the magic bullet? 

"Enable one to judge himself/herself rather than depend on other’s opinions"

That will be the single most important contribution one can make to bring in a phenomenal change.  Teach them to judge rather than to follow someone else.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Whither Yoga?

It is once again – Yoga day. Many of my Indian friends feel proud of the fact that the entire world has acknowledged India’s one of the greatest contributions to the world namely Yoga. 
But when I see how this word Yoga has been torn to pieces and made into a totally ill defined system, from what originally was a very well defined science, I feel sad.

Just the other day, I was talking to my Indian doctor friend. He is a highly qualified allopath, but nevertheless open to any system of medicine. I asked him why he does not try Yoga for his long time diabetic condition. One of the most popular Yoga teachers in India today, namely Baba Ramdev claims that he has recorded evidence of curing hundreds of thousands of diabetic patients just by making them do Kapalabhati – one of the ‘Yogic breathing techniques’ he has been trying to popularize. I asked my doctor friend’s reaction to these claims.

My friend simply smiled and said “in that case, Baba Ramdev should be awarded a Nobel!”

Very true. If curing diabetes were that simple, world would have been too grateful to him and got rid of one of the most menacing health problems these days. 

Baba Ramddev very confidently asserts that any disease can be cured or even prevented by simple breathing techniques he is propagating in the name of Yoga. The irony is that none of these techniques were ever talked about by the well known ancient proponent of Yoga namely Patanjali. But Baba Ramdev projects then as if they are part of Patanjali’s Yoga system!

Probably, there is a silver lining in the cloud. People like Baba Ramdev would help in drawing wider attention to Yoga from more and more people. More attention means more critical analysis sooner than later. Ultimately that would separate chaff from grain. Hope so.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mysterious Experiences : A peek beyond the confiles of the Mind

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