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Monday, February 15, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Enjoy but without over indulgence

An ancient Indian philosopher namely Chärväka is supposed to have said “one should enjoy at any cost, even by borrowing from others”
This seems to be our aim in life these days. Everyone wants to enjoy without bothering about the long term consequences.

Recently I was very much pained to know the death of three young brothers in my neighborhood. All three died one after another in short intervals of time. They were young, well educated and my interaction with them always gave me the impression that they were nice and well behaved. The cause of their untimely death was over drinking. They were hospitalized several times, the doctors had warned them in advance, and they themselves were intelligent enough to know their folly. But they could not give-up drinks.

It is not just drinks; our craze for enjoyment these days makes me wonder where we are headed to?

In this context, I remember another Vedic seer’s sane advice (in Ïshäväsya Upanishad)

“One should aspire to live and enjoy in this life for full 100 years. Protect yourself with detachment (never overindulge). Never covet other’s possessions. This is the only way to avoid wrong doing.”