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Friday, April 29, 2016

Does God exist?

I have a friend – a medical doctor – who firmly believes that God does not exist. Though she does not say it openly, she puts up a front that she is agnostic. She disagrees with me when I say that acceptability of any belief rests on its utility and not necessarily on its factual correctness. I have in one of my books (“How and why of Yoga and Meditation – Yoga Scientifically explained”) dealt in detail how devotional singing can be utilized to relieve one of mental stress. I have made it clear in that context that it works irrespective of the existence of God or otherwise. Just the belief is enough to make it work. I have also discussed some research findings in another of my book (“How does the mind work?”) where mere beliefs seem to bestow miraculous results. In either case, the factual correctness of the belief is immaterial.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Master, I bow to thee

This is my recent relief carving. Since the wood was brittle and of uneven grain, I designed this simple pattern. I just wanted to see how easy it is to carve this wood before trying something more complex. 

What I intended to depict is movement in otherwise static carving. Here a monk is shown to be gradually bowing down to his master in three steps.

Size: 3 ft X 2.5 ft X 2 inches
Wood : Some wild thorny tree
Stain: Teak wood
Finish : Polyurethane Matt
PS: The image is a bit grainy due to some problem in my camera.