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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Who is a real teacher?

Who is a real teacher? Someone who teaches you things or the one who enables you to learn on your own ?

As an old Chinese adage goes "one who teaches you how to catch fish is greater than the one who feeds you with fish"

So also a teacher. He needs to enhance the comprehending capabilities of the student rather than feed him with ready made knowledge.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Do we need to be more analytical?

Many a times we let our decisions guided by others.

* We buy a product based on some TV or news paper advertisement.
* We buy a book based on the number of reviews the book has got.
* We accept someone as a Guru based on the crowd he pulls.

How often do we sit back and think whether all these people could be
manipulating our decisions for their own benefits?

* An ad could be a false propaganda or presentation of partial information.
* The reviews could be 'self sponsored'.
* A crowd pulling Guru could be a smart marketer.

We need to look at the facts rather than opinions. We need to be guided by reasoning rather than emotions.