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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Faith and Science can coexist!

There are these so called ‘rationalists’ who say that science is the only way and faith should always be rejected. And there are those majority who thrive on faith alone with utter disregard to scientific approach. 

I firmly believe that both faith and science are inevitable aspects of our lives and they rightly  have to be so. You can’t live without faith and science is needed to evolve further. I had several posts explaining this. See for example.

I just received one of the early comments about my recently published book “Hata Yoga – Myths shattered” from a reader. The reader says that what I have said in this book contradicts what he himself has experienced. He was talking about Kundalini which I have dared to suggest as a Myth.

Now let us take this case. My reader is claiming Kundalini as real, based on his personal experience and the faith he has in the words of his Guru. Whereas,  I am suspecting it to be a Myth based on reasoning, contradictions in Hata Yoga texts, lack of corroborating evidences from other related schools, and conflict with known medical science.

I am not saying Kundalini is a myth just because it is part of a deep rooted faith. I am saying so since this faith is not well founded as I have shown in the book. Further, subjective experiences can often be misleading and they are rarely insulated from the mental makeup of a person who undergoes those experiences. See for example

I can still accept his faith since I have no qualms about faiths. But I see that this faith is taking people away from the essence of Yoga and an opportunity to reap its full potential. Not to say the least about how this faith is being misused (I recently read someone claiming that for $50 each, some Guru can raise the Kundalini from one Chakra to another!). It is also preventing people from understanding Yoga better. That is when faith becomes unacceptable. Otherwise, faith and science can co-exist.

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